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LeftHand Back and Body Client Feedback, Reviews and  Testimonials

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We take pride in the work we do and love it when our patients tell us how we are doing.  Here are some quotes from recent patients and colleagues.  Of course, don't just take our word for it, take a look at what our patients have to say on Angie's List, Boulder Moms Connect, Healthgrades, and Yelp too!

Testimonials from patients:

"Dr. Drew is a compassionate, caring expert in spine care.  It was a real blessing to have his help when I was hurting.  He is an excellent chiropractor!" -Kevin McGarvey MD

"Wonderful people!" - Dee T.

"Gentle, caring, thorough, professional care." - Jean B.

"Both Dr. Drew and Dr. Christine are very knowledgeable about overall health. I met with them yesterday and was very impressed." - Carol L.

"This team is really the best there is!" - Cynde B.

"Dr. Drew and Dr. Chris, I am SO glad you came into my life! Thank you for the expanded services you provide - especially to us athletes. As you well know, I would not have been able to do the last 2
half-marathons without your healing touch and specifically the Graston Technique and Kiniseo taping that resolved the knee bursa problem so I could run this last half-marathon and set a new PR. I'd like to let everyone know that if you are even a little athletic (or not athletic at all) and are having pain anywhere that is inhibiting your ability to enjoy and excel in your sport (or your life), you HAVE to see Dr. Drew and Dr. Chris at Left Hand Back and Body. I could have spent thousands of $$on an MRI and follow-up therapies and then still be told I'd need surgery and instead, with several weeks of work with Dr. Drew and Dr. Chris, I am running half-marathons without pain and setting new PRs. Check them out! You will not be disappointed. Thanks Drew and Chris; you are
AWESOME! I am so grateful for your healing touch!"  - Jane S.

"Drs. Chris and Drew are an impressive team! Their office atmosphere is friendly and professional. My treatment begins with their amazing hydrotherapy table. Dr. Chris does a “neck stretch” on my neck that has been stiff for years. I feel great before the treatment is finished. They offer counseling in nutrition and healthy habits to complement their chiropractic treatment. Thanks, Doctors!" -  Dale R.

"Dr. Drew is a great listener and has helped me with my back and hip pain. His adjustments are good and crisp and he has creative ideas for prevention. He does not try to overtreat or overadjust, something I find important in a chiropractor." - Jessica P.

"They worked well with my other doctors following a bad accident. After a few visits, I felt better than I had before the accident! They continue to provide exceptional care - even if it's just helping me through my cold!" - Kelli B.

"My experience was amazing! Dr. Illman made me feel comfortable and relaxed, and I was able to get so much information on what was happening. They really took the time to walk through my case with me and gave me personalized attention. I was very impressed and recommend LeftHand to anyone!" - Mike L.

"LeftHand was WONDERFUL when I came in with an urgent strain in my back from a workout adventure I went on. Dr. Illman made me so comfortable (and I had never been to a chiropractor before). They are much more than just that, too. They took the time to ask me about sleep, nutrition, exercise schedule, stress to see if there were more root triggers we could identify to
be preventative. HIGHLY recommend this practice."
 - Georgia S.

"Great couple, great care, recommend it!!" - Sam G.

"Fantastic! The best I've been to. Truly a results focused, driven team." ...From the critics of "our town, the magazine" - Dwain C.